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Our Story

We are a Bellevue & Seattle area catering company that is passionate about using spices and flavors from around the world to please all palates. We take the classics we know and love and infuse different flavors that reflect our modern era of cross-cultural and cross-regional cooking.

Our speciality is private parties, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and all other types of events. We want your occasion to be an event to be remembered. We start by listening to you. What type of event is it?  What do you want your guests to feel and experience?  What type of food interests you?  We will create a menu together that will exceed your expectations and delight your guests.  We also want to make your life easy.  Give us the guidance we need, and we will take case of the rest.  Our goal is to have an event that you can enjoy as much as your guests.

Our History

Cooking global, eclectic, and savory food is the result of a long journey and transformation for founder Darrin Clark. While he has always enjoyed food (don’t we all?), after a career in grocery management and then retail technology, he became more inspired about cooking when met his wife, Lisa, over 15 years ago. As they shared many incredible travel and culinary experiences, he started to understand the difference between good and great food. This ignited his passion for creating unique and eclectic dishes, leading him to seek out creative cooking education and experiences, dive into endless research of cuisines and spices of the world, hone his knife skills, and develop his wine palate. He studied culinary arts in Spain, and shared his talents with friends and family.

After years of experimenting at home, Darrin began donating elaborate 10-course meals for nonprofit auctions and providing savory, comfort food for homeless shelters. Requests started to come in from happy guests asking to hire Darrin.  He left corporate life and started Savory Kitchen Catering, fulfilling both his passion for creating global and eclectic food and his long-time desire to own a small business. 

Now Savory Kitchen Catering has expanded to cater weddings, corporate lunches, events, and large parties. Combining the food we all love with a touch of creative spice and flavor, Darrin and his team at Savory Kitchen Catering bring a personal and creative touch to every dish. We make every event one to remember.