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7 Steps to Throwing Exceptional Parties

Planning parties is both exciting and overwhelming. These seven tips will help you plan a great party without unnecessary stress.

Set Your Budget

Your budget is vital, and you need it before you buy or book one single thing. Knowing how much you can or are willing to spend on your parties helps you make better decisions and lower financial stress.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme for your parties adds a sense of fun to them, and they can make purchasing decorations easier.

Research and Compare Venues

Make a list of potential venues. This will depend in large part on what your party’s purpose is. For instance, a child’s birthday party and an adult’s promotion party would probably need two separate venues.

After you have a list of potential venues, do your research. Determine what advantages and disadvantages each venue has, the cost of booking them, and the dates they are available.

Set a Date and Make Your Guest List

It’s time to set a concrete date for your party and decide just who you want to invite. Keep in mind that each person you invite will add to the cost of your party.

Choose Your Services

Are you going to have a bar? Will you be serving food? Will you be cooking all of that food yourself and mixing those drinks or will you hire someone to do it?

Decide which services you want to use and start researching. Search for “bartenders near me” or “top catering company near me” for local options.

Revisit Your Budget

You now have information on potential venues, caterers, bartenders, and any other services you might choose. Take another look at your budget.

Will everything fit neatly into it or will you need to make some adjustments? This might mean deciding against the open bar, cutting down the guest list, or choosing a date when the venue will be at a lower price.


Once you have made your final decisions on the who, what, when, where, and how, lighten your load. Delegate tasks to others that do not require your direct involvement so that you can put your energy into the tasks that do.

If you are in the Bellevue or Seattle area, give our team at Savory Kitchen Catering a call. We are dedicated to making your party one your guests will not soon forget.

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