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How to Save On Tableware & Center Pieces for Cost Effective Weddings & Events

Updated: May 29, 2020


For my catering business I do not charge for the use of my tableware.  This is a differentiator I use to win business.  The typical catering company charges for this rental.


Centerpieces are a standard for almost all weddings.  This is another area of cost that can be addressed with a little bit of planning. Go online and find inexpensive vases on Amazon or web sites like Etsy.  Our local farmer’s market has very large bouquets of flowers for $20-$25.  The picture to the right uses stemless wine glasses, smooth rocks from Pier 1 and flowers purchased at the market the day prior.   Splitting out purchased bouquets into simple, elegant centerpieces makes an attractive tabletop, does not take up a lot of precious table space, and does not block the guests from interacting with each other.  

Even a discount florist will charge $25 per table arrangement.  For 11 tables in the example above that comes to $301.40 with tax.  This option comes out to less than $7 per arrangement or $84.39.  A savings of $217.00.

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